If you are having problems with your VPN connection not working, don’t panic. There are a few things below you can try to troubleshoot your connection and fix the most common problems.

If you are still unable to get your connection to work please don’t hesitate to contact us.


1. Firewall

Are you using firewall software or trying to connect from a firewall managed location such as a corporate office? It may be that the firewall is causing the connection problems with the VPN. If possible try to temporarily disable your firewall software and see if you can then connect. If you are in a corporate location try starting the connection from another location and see if you have the same problem.


2. Are you using Windows Vista or Windows 7 and can’t access blocked sites?

If the OpenVPN software shows it is connecting to the VPN but you still can’t access blocked websites then you may not have started the software correctly. Please reboot your PC and then follow our setup guide to make sure you have set the software to be run as an administrator. Alternatively you can just start the software by right-clicking the OpenVPN GUI icon and selecting “Run as administrator” in order for the network settings to be changed to allow your data to route through our VPN servers.


3. Try a second computer

Sometimes it can be that the connection is not working only a single computer. Try installing the software on another computer and see if you can connect to the VPN from there. If you can there must be some problem blocking the connection on your first computer. You can then contact us for more help.


4. Try another location

It may be possible if you are connecting from a public location such as a hotel or airport that only web connections are enabled and a VPN connection will be blocked. If possible try connecting from another location to see if you have the same problem.